Welcome to the El Dorado County Office of Education's Employee Health Benefit Calculator. This calculator is designed to give you, the employee, a cost analysis breakdown of the various health plans available to you. This information allows you to make the informative decisions on which plan would best suit you and your dependents.

To begin, select which employee group you belong to. If you are unsure of what group to choose, click here.

 Step 1: Select your Employee Group
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NOTE: Please be aware that this tool provides you an estimate of your health care cost by utilizing the information you provide along with the plan you select.  This amount is subject to change based on your actual usage during the year.  This is designed to provide you a way to look at how the different plans as well as the different scenarios of medical usage by you and/or your family will affect your out-of-pocket health care expenses. Please note that this calculator is for medical health care insurance cost only! Vision, Dental, and Prescriptions, are not considered in this program tool.